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This is a service for young writers and authors.
Young children and teenagers alike can write interesting and entertaining stories and books. With Help's superior proofreading, editing, illustration, cover art, and layout and design services, we can make those stories and books ready for publishing; at prices even young authors can afford.

Benefits of getting your book written, edited, published and circulated:
Recognition and future work Gives parents and grandparents bragging rights
Money for college, fun, or family needs A place in history
A better understanding of language and business A feeling of acheivement

But publishers usually won't accept an unedited manuscript. Read below for more info.

Editing Information

Your work will be given 2 or more readings.
All work is checked for:
Punctuation Redundancies
Spelling Inconsistencies
Sentence structure Chronological inconsistencies
Subject and verb agreement Dialogue effectiveness
Proper word use Flow
Clarity Goal achievement
Point of view    
Complete Writing and Editing Service at very reasonable rates
We welcome young authors of all experience levels!

Lots of kids nowadays like to write. It's easier then ever with the advent of word processors and help-write books. Are you one of those young writers? If you are, you might keep your stories in a secret folder on your computer, maybe letting your friends and grandma read them. Everyone says they're great, but the question is: Are they great enough to be a real book?

Let us be the judge of that. Send us a sample. We will evaluate your work for free and give you an estimate. Our rates are low, but in return, you get a thorough consideration of your book.

When your book is edited, it will not only be examined for grammatical and spelling errors but also looked at from a kid's point of view. Is your book entertaining? Does it keep the reader's attention? If not, we'll suggest minor rewrites that will make it even more fun to read.

Editing isn't just an optional luxury, either. Even the best authors will miss blatant mistakes and inconsistencies. Even the smallest errors can turn away publishing company in-house editors, who are trained to notice these small errors and toss potential books onto the 'discard' pile.

These publishers aren't going to be patient with numerous mispellings, puctuation errors, and problems with the plot. A book has to be shined up so they can see their face in it before they'll send it on up the line.

For an easily affordable price, we can take a book and do the shining that will catch the editor's eye. We do all genres, from nonfiction, do-it-yourself, to poetry and fiction. We edit books of all sizes and for all age groups. Be it a pamphlet or a paperback, a picture book or a book of fine poetry, we will edit it to perfection at an affordable price.

But remember, no matter what, you are the final authority. If we suggest a correction or a chapter rewrite, it's up to you to accept it. After all, your name will be on the cover.

The Editing Process

A Fair and Honest Evaluation
We will truthfully, but gently, let you know what editing needs to be done, and we will tell you honestly if we feel that you need a light copy edit or a heavier developmental edit.


If you would like a review of your writing to determine the level of editing and pricing,
e-mail a sample of your writing to:

Book Editing Levels

-- Actual proofreading: not software spell checking. Proofreading involves the identification and correction of typographical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, and formatting inconsistencies. It may also mean comparing two documents for uniformity.
COPYEDITING -- covers the same areas, but may include grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tone, and format.
SUBSTANTIVE EDITING -- (moderate to heavy) seeks to achieve clarity of subject, logic, and consistency. Confusing and awkward writing may be rewritten. Sentences are analyzed for structure/syntax. Long sentences may be shortened or separated with appropriate punctuation. Proofreading, copyediting, and substantive editing often occur simultaneously.
FORMATTING -- When required, style revisions will be suggested or implemented (e.g., page numbers, margins, headings, spacing, indentations/paragraphs, quotes, references, citations, footnotes/endnotes).

Just give us a call for further descriptions regarding various levels of editing and our range of rates.
(You will find our rates to be surprisingly low.)

Color-coded Editing Suggestions

You will receive two files of your edited work: one copy will show suggested changes using Microsoft Word's suggestion feature, which allows the writer to review and to either accept or reject any suggested edits. The second copy will be "clean," with all changes incorporated. This allows you to see all editorial suggestions from 2 points of view.

  View File 1 - Highlighted Edits
View File 2 - Clean Copy

We also offer
Content development, critique/analysis, fact-checking and research, technical writing, cover design, typesetting, page layout, custom art, illustration, graphic design, web site design, and self-publishing assistance.

Let Us Help You
We can edit your writing: fiction or nonfiction, book manuscripts, query letters, course assignments, articles, dissertations, newsletters... anything at all, or we can create text for you based upon your specifications. We can also do research for your projects. Regardless of the project, we can turn your writing into a highly polished piece of work.

We understand your wish to get your book into print quickly and we will have it highly polished. We will work with you to achieve a book of which you will be proud. We will providing the level of service you request, and promptly.

Have you ever been reading a book and you just couldn't picture a character or scene? Illustrations can be a big help. They don't need to be on every page. It's enough, even in young adult and adult books, to have one illustration in every chapter. Illustrations help the reader picture what's going on; this helps the book make more sense as well as entertains the reader.

We do all kinds of illustrations, from black and white to oil and watercolor. We can make a drawing look childish or sharp, simple or detailed. Illustrations can turn a book into a work of art. And of course, for nonfiction, book illustration is essential, whether photographic or hand drawn. If, for example, you were writing a book about woodworking, how could you not include plans and photos of the finished product? Again, illustrations make the book more understandable.


Do you draw? If you have done a few illustrations, we could touch them up or leave them as they are. Computer programs nowadays are very sophisticated and can turn even a sketch into a good illustration. However, if you don't have enough confidence in your skill, you can at least do a basic sketch to let our illustrators know what you want.

Charts and diagrams are also sometimes helpful. For example, say you write a pirate story in which the captain lays out a complicated plan to attack the enemy. Even if well written, this can be confusing if the reader can't picture the plan in his head. A small diagram - even made to look like a treasure map - will clear up everything.

A well-written book with good illustration is like two dancers, both dressed elegantly but neither overshadowing the other. Working together, they perform a delicate waltz that will grab the attention of publishing house editors and future readers.

Layout and Design
If you read enough, you begin to notice that sometimes in books the typeset changes. Typeset is a general term that means bold for importance, italics for emphasis, ALL CAPITALS for volume, and font change to make things interesting. Look at the section below:

John picked up the letter. "This is for me?" he asked his mother. She nodded, smiling, and with a grin he tore it open.
John Baker, you presence is requested at the birthday party of Sue Parker, at 8:00 Sunday evening. Please wear casual clothing.
John hugged his mother, then whooped for joy. "ALL RIGHT!" he yelled.

Makes things interesting. Typesetting also handles your whole book, deciding what general font and size would be most appropriate. It handles where the page number and margins are placed, as well as the arrangement of the first page of each chapter or section. A book without typesetting would look more like a manuscript, but typesetting adds class and a proffessional look.

Cover Design
Your mother always told you, "Don't judge a book by it's cover"', but people shopping in Barnes and Noble will be doing just that. Plus, before the book even gets to the reader, it has to pass the publishing house editor. Catching their eye is always the first step.

What's on the cover will depend on what's in the book. Sometimes a picture of the main character is good, while at other times the cover should just be a solid color with a design and the title. A cover can be elaborate or simple, colorful or toned down, but it should attract attention.

Our cover artist can pick appropriate text, illustration, and main color so that the cover will attract attention. And we don't just handle the front cover. The back is just as important: do you have a short description of the book, or maybe a picture of the author? Many factors are important, but we can handle it. But remember, you are the final judge. If you're not satisfied with the cover, we'll redesign it until you like it.

Web Site and Web Page Design

Most famous authors these days have a website, with short biographies, photos, and even an online store where their books can be bought over the Internet. We can design a site as big or small as you like. All you have to supply is what text you want, and what the pages are about.

Your website can have pretty much anything you want on it. Also, we'll set up an e-mail account so that people can send messages telling about how they like your book, want you to do a booksigning in their town, or just want to send an e-mail to someone famous.

  This project included a Web Site and 24 hand drawn pen & pencil illustrations for a book with a computer colored cover.

Plus, a website will be a way to get future work. You can put a virtual-resume on your site where publishers can go to look at your work. They'll be impressed that you're already published and that you have a working website.

In closing...
You just might have a book that will make you a lot of money, generate business for a publishing company, and entertain a lot of people. Why are you just sitting on it? With that book you can do anything, but the best thing would be to get a competent editor to polish it up so a publisher will buy it. Who knows, you might be the next Anne McCaffery or William Shakespear!
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