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Web Site Design

Web Site and Web Page Design

Most famous authors have a website, with short biographies, photos, and even an online store where their books can be bought over the internet. We can design a site as big or small as you like. All you have to supply is what text you want, and what the pages are about.

Your website can have anything you want on it. Also, we'll set up an e-mail account so that people can send messages telling you how they like your book or if they want you to do a booksigning in their town or they just want to send an e-mail to someone famous.


Plus, a website will be a way to get future work. You can put a virtual resume on your site where publishers can go to look at your work. They'll be impressed that you're already published and that you have a working website.
This project included a Web Site and 24 hand drawn pen & pencil illustrations for a book with a computer colored cover.


Magic Graphix web site development services include:

Site Planning: Define a site's strategy or objectives.
Design: Create the mood, style, and layout of the site.
Development: Build and code both pages and site.
Testing: Tests for both functionality and objectives.
Publishing: Upload site to server and final testing.
Maintenance: Available on an as needed or scheduled basis.

Graphic Services
Perhaps you have an existing site and just need a fresh new look. Magic Graphix offers graphic design services and web site make-overs.

Graphic Design: Creative images of any kind.
Web Site Make-Overs: A fresh new look for your existing site.
Web and Print Graphics: Magic Graphix offers experience in coordinating graphic designs involving both print materials and web site development.

From Start to Finish
Magic Graphix would like to make the web site development process as easy as possible. If you would just like to sit back and let creative minds work, you've come to the right place.

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